The Death of Atahualpa


By Philip Boehm, based on the Quechua oral tradition

April 1-17, 2011


(From left) Dennis Lebby, Bethany Barr, Travis Estes, Amy Loui, William Grivna and Eric Connors -- Photo by Peter Wochniak


A historical-folklorical tragical-comical reenactment of a village pageant depicting the Spaniard Pizarro’s conquest of the majestic Inca Empire, based on a play from the Quechua oral tradition. 

Directed by Philip Boehm. Set and lighting by Patrick Huber. Costumes by Michele Siler. Props by Bonnie Taylor. Dance consultant: Carmen Dence. 

Cast: Bethany Barr, Eric Conners, R. Travis Estes, William Grivna, Dennis Lebby, and Amy Loui. With live music by Son de América: Rafael Arriojas, Juan A. Castizo and Miguel Ticona.















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