Conversations with an Executioner




By Philip Boehm, Adapted from the memoirs of Kazimierz Moczarski

April 13-29, 2012


J. Samuel Davis as Moczarski and Gary Wayne Barker as Stroop -- Photo by Peter Wochniak


Kazimierz Moczarski fought in the underground druing the Nazi occupation of Warsaw, but after the war was jailed by teh new Stalinist regime. As part of a planned regimen of torture, he was placed in the same cell as a man he had once attempted to assassinate--the Nazi war criminal Jürgen Stroop, who commanded teh brutal quelling of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Directed by Philip Boehm Set by Scott C. Neale. Costumes by Michele Siler. Lighting by Steve Carmichae.

Cast: Gary Wayne Barker, John Bratkowski and J. Samuel Davis. With life music by Isac Lifits.


John Bratkowski as Schielke -- Photo by Peter Wochniak

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